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Hidden gems around Rome

Rome is well known for its long and fascinating history. Every visitors will be impressed by its arts, museums and its symbolic monuments, such as the Colosseum, the Vatican museum, the Borghese Gallery, St. Peter’s church and dome, plus many others.

Not everybody knows that there is much more to discover around Rome. Here we want to list several amazing places which can be reached from Rome in a half-day or day trip.


There are two amazing renaissance villas just 30 km east from Rome: one is Villa d’Este and the other is Hadrian’s Villa. It is the perfect short trip to get out from the crowd of the city. You can reach Tivoli by public transportation or booking a tour which usually includes the tickets and the guide for both villas and transportation

Day trips from Rome - Tivoli

Pompeii, Naples, Positano and Amalfi coast

They are in one bullet of the list because they are roughly in the same area and they can be combined to be visited together (not all 4 togheter)

Naples has a charming historic center full of history. From Naples you can also visit the Vesuvio, from which you can get an astonishing view over the bay. Pompeii is a unique archeological site in the world. In 79 AD the Vesuvio volcano destroyed and buried the city under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft) of volcanic ash and pumice, preserving it along thehistory.

Day trips from Rome - Pompeii - Naples

An amazing coast scenic drive goes along Amalfi coast from Sorrento to Salerno. The road is stretched between the mountains and the see, with small villages facing the blue water. The two most famous viallages are Amalfi and Positano, with their characteristic colours, small streets, beaches and harbors. Do not forget to taste a proper Limoncello!

For a day trip from Rome, it is recommended to visit Pompeii and either Naples or the Amalfi coast. For more days, the trip can be organized in different way. If you prefer to go by public transportation, you can reach Napoli or Salerno quite easily, booking with one of the two Italian train company, Trenitalia or Italo.Very cheap price can be found booking in advance. A second option can be to book an all-inclusive day trip which can reduce the effort to move with public transportations. You can check a comparison of those options here.

Day trips from Rome - Amalfi

Castelli Romani

This is a very typical countryside area of the Central Italy, very close to Rome. It is very recommended for a pic-nic in spring or a vineyard tour. You could taste very intense wines there.

hidden gems around Rome

Florence and Tuscany

Florence does not need an introduction. If you are in Italy, you cannot miss it. It is well connected by high speed train (Trenitalia, Italo) or by daily trips. Tuscany, the region of Florence, is also well known for its nature, its vineyards and its food. If you are passionate about wines and cheese, you may be interested in visiting the area of Montalcino.

Day trips from Rome - Florence - Tuscany

Assisi and Orvieto

Assisi and Orvieto are two historical gems of the Central Italy. They are in the Umbria region, which is known for its well preserved medieval town and for its tasty food and wine.

Day trips from Rome - Assisi - Orvieto

Capri and Ischia

These beautiful islands stand in front of Naples. They can be reached in a day trip from Rome as well. If you have more time, an overnight stay is recommended. While Capri is maybe moreimpressive, but smaller and more expensive, Ischia shows a wider offer of accommodations andthings to do. They can be reached travelling to Naples (by train) and then by ferry or with an organized day trip.

Day trips from Rome - Capri - Ischia